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Why are scissor skills so important?

Learning to cut with scissors helps a child learn to do so much more than just cut! Check out the great skills it builds below. Builds hand strength – Opening and closing scissors helps children build up the small muscles in their hands. These muscles are important for everyday activities such as drawing, using cutlery, […]

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Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills involve using the small muscles in your hands, such as when drawing and writing, doing up buttons, opening lunch boxes or turning the pages in a book. Here’s some quick and easy ideas to help build your child’s fine motor skills at home: Play with playdoh in lots of different ways. Encourage […]

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amy family day care

Meet our new Family Day Care Educator: Amy

There are many reasons Family Day Care Educators decide to open their own centre. Amy, the operator of her own Family Day Care Centre managed by bestchance, began her journey as she watched her grandson develop, and considered the ways in which she could engage him with his learning and surrounding environment. This inspired her […]

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Does your child often sit on their bottom with their legs and feet turned out and bent behind them? If you were to look at them from above their head, their legs would be in the shape of the letter “W.” This pattern of sitting can be cause difficulties for children in the long term, […]

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Greenwood Park Kindergarten Trivia and Games Night!

Event details: Greenwood Park Kindergarten is pleased to invite you to our biennial Trivia and Games Night. The event promises a fun-filled evening, and a relaxed opportunity to connect with our local community. The 2019 Trivia and Games Night will be held on Saturday 27th July, with all funds raised going towards a new landscaping […]

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Fun Activities to build hand strength in children

Does your child do any of the following? Gives up quickly on an activity that requires them to use their hands Hand swapping throughout a task Has difficulty opening and closing scissors Unable to push down with a fork in food e.g. fruit Very light pencil pressure when colouring/ drawing If yes, then they will […]

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Meet Nichole: New Family Day Care Educator

bestchance is proud to announce that Early Childhood Educator, Nichole Lim has joined our Family Day Care team. Nichole is a dedicated Early Years professional,  holding her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and she is currently working towards her Bachelor of Education. She describes working with children as an opportunity to embrace “being […]

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Listening is more complicated than you think!

Listening is an important skill for all children (and adults!). We all must learn to listen in order to understand language and to take part in conversation. If we don’t learn to listen then there is no basis for future co-operation, as information and instructions will not be heard. Other people may choose not to […]

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