What is LEGO® Therapy?

We all know LEGO® is a fun toy for children (and adults!) but how is it used in therapy?

LEGO® Therapy is an internationally recognised form of Early Childhood Intervention, used to build and strengthen critical life skills in children with additional needs.

Using the simple, repeatable building activities that LEGO involves, this form of therapy has seen successful results in helping children with autism or additional needs to socialise, collaborate, problem solve and communicate with their peers.

In addition, the activities themselves help to strengthen fine motor skills, hand strength, spatial awareness, visual planning and analytical skills.


How does it work?

Having specialised therapists running the program is what turns an everyday activity into a form of therapy.  Children feel more comfortable and less under the microscope when therapy is delivered in a fun and interactive way.  Our particular program at bestchance is facilitated by Speech Pathologist, Marion Shepherd and Occupational Therapist, Kimberley Barker.

The children work in a small group, each taking on a specific role: Engineer, Supplier and Builder.

The Engineer has a specific set of instructions for the model they are to build.  They request the blocks and various LEGO parts from the Supplier and they direct the Builder to put together the model.

The Supplier organises the LEGO blocks and supplies the Engineer with the items needed upon request.

The Builder receives the blocks from the Supplier and follows the Engineer’s instructions to construct the model.

Our therapists facilitate the group work and prompt the children to communicate, engage and problem-solve as a team.  While playing, socialising and having fun, the children are also learning to take turns, share object, share attention, listen and verbalise their needs.


If you’re interested in learning more about LEGO® therapy, or to see if it will be beneficial for your child, call the bestchance Early Childhood Intervention team on 8562 5164.

Interested in joining our LEGO Club?  We have a July Holiday program commencing on the 9th July at bestchance Pakenham.  Contact the team to register on 8562 5164.

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