Some children have difficulties doing day-to-day activities because of physical, sensory, emotional, psychological or other developmental difficulties.

Occupational Therapists promote health and wellbeing by supporting children to participate in their everyday activities. This includes self-care activities (e.g. toileting, dressing & eating), leisure and play activities (e.g. play skills, sport and gross motor skills, craft skills) and work (or school/kinder for children).

Occupational Therapists can assist your child in the following areas:

  • Fine motor skills: pencil grasp, cutting, drawing, writing and using cutlery.
  • Gross motor skills: walking, running, climbing, ball games.
  • Self-care skills: dressing skills, toilet training, eating & bathing.
  • Play skills: Imaginative and social play skills such as turn taking & sharing.
  • Sensory processing: Children can have difficulty processing information from their senses such as taste, smell, movement or sight and can be either over responsive or under responsive to sensory information which can affect their behaviour and learning.
  • Cognitive: attention and concentration, problem solving and organisation.

If you feel that we can support your family, contact 8562 5164 for more information.

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