Listening is an important skill for all children (and adults!).

We all must learn to listen in order to understand language and to take part in conversation. If we don’t learn to listen then there is no basis for future co-operation, as information and instructions will not be heard. Other people may choose not to talk with those children (and adults) who do not show the other person that they are listening.  This includes taking turns talking and listening in conversation.

Listening is a whole body skill – this is why we teach children about Whole Body Listening. You need to use your ears to hear the words, your eyes to look at a person, your body to remain calm and faced towards a person. On top of all that, you need to think about what the speaker is saying and stay quiet whilst they are talking. No wonder some children find it so hard!

Does your child have difficulty listening more than other children their age? bestchance runs specialist group programs at our Glen Waverley Children’s Centre, for children in preschool and early primary school. Contact 8562 5164 for more information

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