On Wednesday, the children of The Cheshire School came together to celebrate 8 students, who were graduating on to mainstream schooling.

Parents and family members joined together to celebrate the momentous occasion, as the graduates wore their handmade graduation caps. Parents spoke of their time with the school, what it had meant to their children and themselves. The Cheshire School offers hope to families, it shows them an alternative to the struggles they have experienced in mainstream schooling. Many schools are not equipped to educate children who present social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and the child’s education and experience suffers. The Cheshire School offers an alternative.

The bestchance program offers the students their best chance of success, equipping them with techniques to manage future obstacles and instilling confidence in them. Celebrating their successful completion of the program, the students gathered in front of their teachers to receive their certificates of recognition. Their stories were shared with the guests, with parents and teachers describing the change in the students, from the angry children who had been so misunderstood to the confident students now leaving for the next part of their journey.

The Cheshire School has the capacity for 22 students each year, and with 8 graduating this Term. The graduating students will certainly be missed. There were many tears, as proud parents shared their child’s story of transformation through their time at The Cheshire School. One graduate from the previous year attended, his mother speaking to the room of their experiences after leaving. Addressing the parents gathered, she told them that although they may fear the unknown that the future will bring, the process will be worth the wait. Sharing her own son’s changes, she spoke of his time since returning to a mainstream school. “He is going to camp, he is having friends sleepover. It may seem like a process to start with, but I just want you to know that everything they’re doing [The Cheshire School], you might not see straight away but it’s been a year – he was never social and now he is a social butterfly. He is a completely different child.”

By using positive encouragement and helping their students to control their impulses, The Cheshire School allows its students to unlock their potential. Mainstream schools are often ill-equipped to educate children who present with significant difficulties, and these children are left frustrated and without a voice. Attending the program allows their voices to be heard, as they grow under the watchful gaze of their dedicated teachers.

bestchance would like to congratulate all of The Cheshire School 2018 graduating students, and wish them the best of luck in the future.

To find out more about The Cheshire School, click HERE.

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