Every week, the children from Noble Park Child Care Centre, join in for some early morning exercise.

The Kelly (Mini) Sports program which visits the centre several times a week, is met with expectant athletes awaiting their practice. From throwing, to catching and collecting, the children hone their skills while enjoying the time spent with their friends.

The program focuses on fine motor skills development, as well as encouraging the children to work together in teams to achieve goals. This allows the children to improve their physical health, while inspiring the building of relationships with their peers.

With cheering crowds egging the players on, there are skillful catches and passes displayed to the adoring fans. Whilst not all will go on to the Olympics, the love of sport that is ingrained in the children will never leave them. Thanks to the energetic and empowering nature of the Kelly Sports program, our athletes are able to test their boundaries whilst growing as individuals and team-players.

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