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If children are the future, they need strong, supportive families and communities!

We are a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of building stronger communities, healthier families and happier childhoods. 

We achieve this through our quality education, care and therapy services for children, our specialist school for vulnerable children, our support programs for families, and our registered training organisation.


We are a not-for-profit organisation with 3 goals:



With our Kindergartens, Long Day Care Centres, Children's Therapies and Specialist Primary School, we build the solid foundations for children to grow into healthy, resilient adults.

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We provide support services for families in times of crisis. We also advocate for and provide resources to families with children who have developmental delays or disabilities.

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We deliver a range of community-support related qualifications, providing individuals with stronger employment outcomes and supplying our communities with professionals to care for the most vulnerable.

We believe that in achieving these goals we can unite our communities, assist the vulnerable and enable individuals to thrive.

Our Priorities

High-Impact Integrated Services

We deliver the highest quality, impactful services that provide the most appropriate fit for the communities in which we operate.

  • Skilled, qualified and professionals teams
  • Locally led and reflecting the diversity of the communities in which we work
  • Strong locally relevant partnerships
  • Appropriate and timely performance and outcome measurement
  • Evidence and Research partnerships
Quality Systems and Capability

bestchance will invest in infrastructure and systems that support accountability and performance against our intended impact.

  • Strategic governance
  • Accountability through evidence-informed performance measurement
  • Effective and efficient backbone support
  • Infrastructure and systems that support diverse delivery models
Sustainable Growth and Innovation

We will extend our reach, growing into new communities to influence change through its combination of high-impact integrated services.

  • Growth consistent with our values that targets, measures and reports impact
  • Flexible service models and approaches to partnership
  • Influence through the use and communication of our unique approaches
  • Diverse funding models that support financial resilience
Leadership for Impact

Our people will be empowered by a model of leadership that recognises and develops their strengths and supports their ongoing professional growth and impact.

  • A diverse workforce
  • Interdependent leadership that focusses on the whole picture
  • Values based and distributed decision-making
  • An environment that encourages and supports initiative, innovation, challenge and transformation
  • Attracting and retaining great people that share our values
  • Reporting and visibility

In 1895, Mr. Robert Campbell Edwards, an Irish born, tea-merchant, having great concern about the number of children living on the streets of Melbourne, founded and built the Burwood Boys’ Home. His philosophy was that ‘no truly destitute boy would ever be turned away’. To achieve his goals, he purchased a property in Burwood and built a substantial wooden house – all for £500.

From the age of 14, the children participated in working the land and gained extensive experience in the area, which led to many securing paid positions as farmers or dairymen upon leaving the Home. Girls were first admitted to the Home in 1972, and the name was changed to Burwood Children’s Home. In the 1980’s, there were changes to the governments social welfare policy and many children, who might otherwise have been placed in care, were able to be supported in their own homes or fostered in private homes. In 1986, the Home closed its doors and the Burwood property was sold. The organisation then changed its name to Child and Family Care Network Inc. relocated to Glen Waverley and expanded its educational programs. 

Our Supporters

Thank you to all our supporters. bestchance acknowledges the support we receive through funding bodies, philanthropic organisations and companies offering pro bono services.

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