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About Us

bestchance Child Family Care is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which has been providing education and support services to children and families since 1895.

We have over 500 Staff Members and 100 Volunteers delivering a range of educational programs accredited under the Department of Education and Training. These programs include Early Childhood Learning and Development for children under the age of five and Primary Education for children with social/emotional and learning difficulties. These programs are complemented by a range of support services for parents and families such as Early Childhood Intervention and Family Support Services.

We also offer Nationally recognised Accredited Training through our Registered Training Organisation bestchance Training (TOID 3695).

Our Mission

Create and deliver in an extended family environment, services that are practical, reliable and responsive to the life issues experienced by families and their children, with an emphasis on early childhood.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading independent provider of holistic children’s services in early childhood and associated life issues. Creating a world standard place where families can and want to come.

Our Philosophy

The early years are the building blocks for later life. We recognize that children develop in the context of their families and this is the starting point for service delivery.

An integrated service environment is fundamental to providing best outcomes to children, families, staff and the wider community. We share a commitment to reflective practice and ongoing quality improvement.

The Programs at bestchance are based on the belief that:

  • The family is the most important influence on the child
  • Families are in the best position to guide the service delivery for their child
  • We support others to make choices and changes to positively impact them in the present and the future
  • Everyone has the right to access high quality, inclusive education, care and support services
  • Best outcomes are achieved by providing timely, accessible and responsive services
  • Individual differences should be recognised and respected
  • Working together strengthens communities
  • Best practice evolves through a commitment to ongoing learning and reflection


Based on these beliefs the Programs at bestchance will:

  • Utilise ‘family centred’ and ‘person centred’ practice principles
  • Provide a flexible and integrated range of services, within available resources
  • Promote the inclusion of all children within universal settings
  • Actively engage with internal and external services to increase coordination and integration of services
  • Develop and implement programs to respond to community needs
  • Develop and implement programs with a balance of current research evidence and practice wisdom
  • Constantly challenge current practice, seeking opportunities for improvement