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Easy Craft Ideas for the Whole Family

If you’re struggling to find activities to occupy young children during the school holidays, we’ve collected some of our favourite craft ideas for you to try. And best of all, these activities can be done with items you may have lying around the house or even in your recycling bin!

These crafty ideas mostly require basic resources and items that can be swapped out for other similar items. So get creative with the family and add a little brightness to the next rainy weekend.


These egg carton jellyfish are easy, a lot of fun to make, and are a great use for an old egg carton. 

Hang them in a bedroom or have some fun with a puppet show. These require an egg carton but the tentacles can be made from either wool, ribbons, or even strips of paper.  

Click here for the instructions.

Egg carton jellyfish
Photo: diythought.com


Paper flowers
Photo: thebestideasforkids.com

This is a perfect craft activity to brighten the mood of your preschooler, and the best part about this craft is you can recycle any paper rolls to make these!  

All you need is some paint, scissors, glue, and toilet paper/paper towel rolls.  These make great gift cards too!

Click here for the instructions. 



Do you have some paper plates handy? How about tidying the desk while creating something fun? 

Not only are these desk organisers super cute but they are also useful when those little desks become a bit messy. 

Click here for the instruction

Desk tidy
Photo: mollymoocrafts.com


Nature weaving
Photo: diythought.com

Get outside and make something from the items you find, whether it’s from a walk in a park, or from your own backyard!

Nature weaving is a fun and inexpensive activity that will encourage children to get outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. It is easy and fun and you will most likely have all the materials you need for it at home.

Click here for the instructions.


More flowers to brighten up the day! Don’t throw out your plastic water bottles, rather save them for a rainy day, paint them and decorate them with anything in your crafts box at home. Mix some glitter in and add a cotton ball to the middle for a finishing touch.

Click here for the instructions.

Water bottle flower
Photo: kidfriendlythingstodo.com

We love these easy craft activities that can occupy kinder and school-aged children, allowing them to be creative, express themselves and use their imaginations.  If your family try any of these craft ideas, we’d love to see the results! 

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