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Core Strength is the foundation for maintaining an upright position while standing and sitting without support. A child with a weak core will have difficulty attending to tasks and poor motor skills (fine and gross) such as handwriting and outdoor activities like ball sports.

Red flags – Signs of a weak core include:

  • Difficulty sitting still
  • Poor handwriting
  • Find it hard to pay attention in class
  • Slouch when they sit or holds their head up with
  • Lack confidence in playground games
  • Struggle to coordinate left and right play ball games and ride a bike
  • Lose interest and focus during table top activities

Activities to Improve Core Strength

  • Create an obstacle course with unstable surfaces, balance and climbing equipment e.g. pillows or stepping stones, balance beams, a-frames.
  • Incorporate animal walks into transitions or group movement activities e.g. crabs, frogs, bears, worms or kangaroos!
  • Encourage playing on the outdoor equipment e.g. swings, ladders, monkey bars, slides and poles.
  • Encourage sitting with correct posture during seated activities.
  • Play in prone (lay on belly) on the floor e.g. drawing, blocks and books.
  • Play in quadruped position on the floor e.g. play a game, build a tower or complete a puzzle while on all fours
  • Play a game or do a craft activity kneeling at a low table or tray.
  • Incorporate squatting whilst play e.g. position toys so the child has to squat down to get the next game piece or toy.
  • Incorporate Yoga into floor/ mat time routine
  • Bicycle Riding: Children have to engage the core muscles to stay upright and balanced on the bicycle.
  • Jumping or hopping games.

If you’ve got concerns about your child’s core strength, call us on 8562 5164 to find out more about our Specialist Group Programs to support your child!

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