Therapy Assistant Program

How can a Therapy Assistant help your child?

  • Provide more opportunities to practice NDIS goals using less funding

  • Help your child learn new skills to support their development, wellbeing and participation in the community

  • Help your child generalize the skills learnt with their therapist across settings
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How does the Therapy Assistant program work?

  • Your supervising Key Worker will create a ‘Therapy Assistant Plan’ with goals and strategies based on your child’s NDIS plan
  • Frequency of sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. With sessions occurring in either clinic or outreach (home, school, kinder, childcare or in the community).
  • The first appointment will consist of a training session with your Therapy Assistant, and time to discuss and plan strategies with the supervising Key Worker
  • Therapeutic goals are reviewed regularly to ensure continued progress and strategies continue to support your child’s needs
  • Case consultations between supervising Key Worker and Therapy Assistant are billable to ensure maintenance of tailored and high quality sessions
  • Therapy Assistant Plans are reviewed on the school holidays as needed; this may include a meeting together with the family, supervising Key Worker and Therapy Assistant 

Session Breakdown

  • 1 hour face to face session time

  • 15 minutes of preparation and planning before a session

  • 15 minutes of clinical note taking

  • The total cost for a standard Therapy Assistant session is $130.15 (for 90 minutes)

  • Any travel time for agreed outreach sessions are calculated/billed in addition to above

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