Why Return to Study? Why Not?

The decision to return to studying as an adult is not an easy one. Many of our students are adult learners with young children to care for, work to balance and commitments to consider.

So why should you go back to study?

  1. The childcare and health services industries are growing rapidly, according to economic studies from the Australian Government.  This means there is a high volume of job openings for childcare workers, managers and community support professionals.  If you’re looking for a stable career and secure employment, these industries are a great option.
  2. Learning as an adult is rewarding, allowing students to gain new skills and knowledge. By expanding on your skills and knowledge, you are unlocking opportunities for strong employment outcomes and increasing your earning potential.
  3. Adult learning allows students to connect with all sorts of interesting people, as they share in their educational journey. bestchance students often tell us that the friends they make in their training courses are ones they will keep for life.   
  4. Adult learners bring with them diverse experience and knowledge, with life experiences that allow them to use unique problem solving, reflecting and reasoning skills.
  1. Studies show that adults who go on to further their education have greater life satisfaction.

By undertaking accredited training with a quality provider, students are able to gain new skills, increase knowledge, expand their careers, network with industry professionals and participate more meaningfully in society.

If you are considering a new career in the fields of early childhood education and care, disability support, or education support, bestchance Training may be the right training provider for you. 

For more information on our accredited courses, click here.

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