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Fine motor skills involve using the small muscles in your hands, such as when drawing and writing, doing up buttons, opening lunch boxes or turning the pages in a book.

Here’s some quick and easy ideas to help build your child’s fine motor skills at home:

  • Play with playdoh in lots of different ways. Encourage your child to roll it, poke it, pinch it, squash it,
  • Clip clothes pegs
  • Rip, scrunch, fold paper
  • Painting with cotton balls
  • Use tongs to pick up objects
  • Use Lego or other blocks
  • Use hole punches

If you have concerns about your child’s fine motor skills, bestchance’s Occupational Therapists can help in either individual or group sessions. Our Specialist group program “Happy Hands” may be just what you are looking for. Call 8562 5164.

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