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A stepping stone to success...

Cheshire School is an interim specialist school for primary aged students with complex social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Cheshire School essentially provides a “stepping stone” that is aimed at enabling students to successfully re-integrate into a mainstream school, equipped with a healthy self-esteem, established work habits and acceptable ways of behaving and managing challenging situations.

The program at Cheshire School has been designed to provide particular focus on those aspects of a student’s personal and social capabilities that will support and enhance their capacity to be successful as learners and as healthy citizens of our broader community.  Learning opportunities are therefore targeted at supporting students to engage in a range of opportunities that are aimed at:

  • recognising and regulating emotions
  • developing empathy for others and understanding relationships
  • establishing and building emotions
  • making responsible decisions
  • working effectively in teams
  • handling challenging situations constructively and with resilience, and
  • developing leadership skills

Underpinning the program, however, remains a strong focus and commitment to English and Mathematics along with integrated and inquiry units which ensure that curriculum entitlement is met for each and every student.

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high student-to-teacher ratios

Small class sizes and a high student-to-teacher ratio allow us to provide a unique and personalised learning experience for every child.

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partnership with parents & caregivers

Our team works closely with parents and carers, to establish a strong, collaborative relationship and build the student's confidence.

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high quality curriculum

Our lessons are highly engaging and based on the same Australian Curriculum used in mainstream schools. This ensures your child is on track with their education.

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fortnightly excursions

We take our students beyond
the core academic curriculum
and encourage them to make deeper links with their learning through regular excursions.

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self-regulation activities

Our students participate in a
range of additional activities
that help build the tools of self-regulation, such as meditation, warrior fitness and yoga.

Acknowledgement of Country

Cheshire School acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples as Australia’s First People and Traditional Custodians of the land. 

We also acknowledge in a special way the Bunurong People of the Kulin Nation for it is on their land that we are proud and fortunate to live and learn as the Cheshire School community today. 

As we share our knowledge and help our young people grow, we pay our respects to the Elders – past, present and emerging, as it is their knowledge and experiences that hold the key to the success of future generations. 

As we live and learn together, may our journey remain forever committed to a spirit of respect, mutual understanding and reconciliation. 

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