Last week, as Australia recognised Harmony Week, bestchance child care centres and kindergartens hosted a variety of events to celebrate.

Noble Park Child Care Centre hosted a lunch for their children, parents and Educators. Arena Child and Family Centre spent the week teaching their children about multiculturalism, through artistic activities, encouraging the children to learn through creative expression.

Thursday marked the 20th anniversary of Harmony Day. The day promotes an appreciation of different cultural backgrounds around the world. It also encourages a respectful, multicultural Australian community. Noble Park Child Care Centre hosted a lunch with food from countries around the world. Many parents brought plates in to share with those gathered. The day was a wonderful success, with the Educators and children focusing on the importance of being considerate and caring towards everyone.

Arena Child and Family Centre also spent the week in celebration. The Centre used art activities designed to encourage discussion about cultural diversity. The children made handprint paintings using the colour orange. Orange was chosen this year to represent harmony. Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to the freedom of ideas and the encouragement of mutual respect in all relationships. The children also had meditation and reflection time with Japanese music. The day offered the children the chance to dress up and share a special afternoon tea, with parents cooking up an assortment of cultural delicacies.

With all of Melbourne celebrating Harmony Week last week, it was a wonderful opportunity to explore the cultural diversity that exists in Australia. Many bestchance services participated in the celebrations, sharing stories and engaging in activities. As so many people living in Australia come from around the world, it is important to recognise and celebrate the diversity that makes this country unique.

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