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Sonia’s FDC, a bestchance Family Day Care has been embarking on a very special project.

Under the watchful eye of their Educator, the children have been creating habitats for their backyard buddies. The bugs have found shelter in their carefully constructed new homes, made from recycled clear plastic bowls.

With a chance to peek inside and watch their hard work come to fruition, the kids planted grass seeds to watch them grow; observing the roots that anchored their plants into the earth. Learning about nature, and the life that surrounds us, the children began adding extra sensory elements to their miniature habitats. Collecting lavender and sprigs of lemon thyme, the children-turned-gardeners learnt about plants and their growth, caring for their tiny creations with love and dedication.

From fairy gardens with playful pixies living amongst the grass and flowers, to mushrooms creating a tiny forest, the children’s gardens were a labour of love that brought delight to all involved. Learning much along the way, the kids explored their surroundings, the fun activity covering many aspects of the Early Years Learning Framework. For the children – it was all about the beauty and amazement their gardens brought. To see how their tiny hatchlings sprouted into spectacular sprigs and grass was such a joy, check out the photos below!

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