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For all parents who have enrolled their children in Family Day Care or Child Care recently, a bestchance Family Day Care Educator has shared her advice.

These four steps will help prepare your child for their new adventure, and to prepare parents for the time away from their children. Ensuring children are happy and comfortable in their environment will ensure they engage in their activities and build new relationships.

Ada’s Advice to parents:

When packing children’s bags make sure you include all the things they need like a lunch box, nappies, bottles, changing clothes, hats, etc.. If they have special comfort items, definitely pack them in the bag!

  • To help yourself and your child feel more comfortable, make sure you’re having effective communication and building a good relationship with their Educators.
  • Prepare your children before coming to Family Day Care/Child Care by explaining to them where they are going, what they might be doing, and staying positive throughout the conversation.
  • When dropping off your child, have a friendly conversation with the Educator, this will help your child to feel secure; have a short play with your child if needed, and please remember to say goodbye and tell your child when you will be picking him/her up.

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