Communicating with Confidence is the priority!

There are 1.2 million Australians with communication disability. Speech pathologists like Andy, Sarah, Taylor, Rebecca, Briana, Pariya and Jess from bestchance work with children to provide them with the confidence to communicate.

That’s why during Speech Pathology Week, from 23-29 August, bestchance is highlighting the week’s theme: Communicating with Confidence.

Communicating with confidence is vital to enable everyone to participate fully in the social, educational, economic and sporting aspects of community life.

Communication, by definition, involves at least two people. It is important that everyone understands that communication is more than speech.

Australians with communication difficulties communicate with others using a variety of means, including word-based or picture-based communication boards or books, sign and gesture, and spelling. Technology is playing a growing and vital role in keeping Australians with communication difficulties engaged with their family, friends and those in the bestchance community.


Try the following games together to experience other forms of communication:

  • Charades: write down lots of films or book titles on scraps of paper and place into a container or bag. Pick out one at a time and mime the title (without talking) until someone guesses correctly. It’s the person to guess correctly who has the next go!
  • Pictionary: write down lots of names of objects or a particular topic e.g. sea animals, on scrap pieces of paper and place into a container or bag. Take turns picking a name and drawing what it says (without talking or writing) and whoever guesses correctly gets to go next!
  • Guess the emotion: Mime any emotion and see who can guess it first! Try some emotions like shocked, frustrated, hyper or proud.
  • Listening game: Pretend to be an animal by trying your best to sound like it! Whoever guesses the animal from the noise first gets to go next.

These games can be really fun to play as a family and also help to build confidence for children to communicate.

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