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Minna no ouchi Family Day Care is a Family Day Care service for Japanese speaking children.

 The “Minna no” part of this service’s name means everyone, and “ouchi” is the respect form of Japanese for Home or Family. It is also a term commonly used by young children.

This name also expresses my wish that this Family Day Care service is seen by everyone as a fun, caring and safe place just like a second home.

 At Minna no ouchi I believe that curiosity is where learning begins. I let the children be guided by their curiosity as they grow and deepen their learning.

Through many varied experiences and types of play, the children can learn new words as I guide the children to express themselves using correct Japanese turns of phrase.

 Also, at Minna no ouchi, I place a lot of emphasis on the connection with nature. We plant vegetables in the garden and take care of animals. Paying homage to the richness of nature, we cook and do creative activities which I believe lets the children feel the connection with nature. We also have days when the children have time for free play in the bush.

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