Hi, I'm Maiko

Minna no ouchi Family Day Care is a Family Day Care service for Japanese speaking children. The “Minna no” part of this service’s name means everyone, and “ouchi” is the respect form of Japanese for Home or Family. 

At Minna no ouchi I believe that curiosity is where learning begins. I let the children be guided by their curiosity as they grow and learn. At Minna no ouchi, I place a lot of emphasis on the connection with nature. We plant vegetables in the garden and take care of animals. Paying homage to the richness of nature, we cook and do creative activities which help the children feel a connection with nature. We also have days when the children have time for free play in the bush.

I had an opportunity to work at a Family Day Care service as a relief carer and I enjoyed it so much that I decided it was the role for me! I love that I have to opportunity to develop strong relationships with the children and the families in my care. I am proud of my program and the emphasis on the connection with nature as well as Japanese culture. We have a chicken, a rabbit, veggie patch and rice paddy in the outside area. Inside, I have Tatami mat and most of our toys are made of natural materials.


Benefits of Family Day Care

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A nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment.

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Individualised learning programs.

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Flexible hours of care, including evenings, before/after school and school holidays.

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Small group sizes means more attention and a stronger bond with your child.

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Early Education excursions and playgroups.

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Parents are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy.


Siblings can be cared for together, regardless of age difference.

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bestchance regularly assesses our Family Day Care educators for ongoing quality control.

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Educators are screened and held to the same ACECQA standards as traditional child care.

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Educators are qualified and undergo regular training.