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Kindergarten Registration and Enrolments


About Kindergarten

Attending a kindergarten is an important step for your child. It will help them learn skills that they will build on throughout their life.

At kindergarten, your child will grow socially and emotionally. Their ability to think, use and recognise language and their fine motor skills will be developed through play, art, dance, music, movement and interacting with others. Most importantly, your child will be learning to become an effective learner as they develop and extend their communication skills, build their self-confidence, learn to be creative, and develop skills that assist them with reading, writing and mathematics.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) provides funding for children to attend one year of kindergarten in the year before school, usually when they are four years old. Most of the bestchance kindergartens also offer a three-year-old program in the year before kindergarten.

Finding a Kindergarten

Every family is different, so it’s important to think about your own family circumstances and needs when choosing a kindergarten program for your child.

To find a bestchance kindergarten in your area, see:

Registration and Enrolment

Once you have found your preferred kindergarten, you will need to complete a registration process to be considered for allocation to that kindergarten.

bestchance manages kindergarten programs across 14 local government areas and the registration and enrolment process differs across these areas.

We can assist you to register your child through your Local Government Area

Local Government Area Central Enrolment Scheme Website Phone number Email
Bass Shire  No  1800 546 337
Boroondara Boroondara Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme 9278 4444
Banyule Central Enrolment Scheme for 4 year old registrations only    
Cardinia Cardinia Council 1300 787 624
Greater Dandenong CGD Council 8571 1000
Knox Knox Council 9298 8000  
Manningham No 1800 546 337
Maroondah MIKA – Maroondah Integrated Kindergartens’ Association 0449 997 488
Monash Monash Council 9518 3555  
Nillumbik Central Enrolment Scheme for 4 year old registrations only    
Whitehorse WPSA – Whitehorse Preschool Associate 9285 4855 OR
Wyndham Wyndham City Council   (03) 9742 0777  
Yarra No 1800 546 337
Yarra Ranges No  1800 546 337

The Department of Education and Training provides the following publications and related information about kindergarten services.

Starting kinder tips

There are a range of things you can do to prepare your child for kindergarten.
Preparing for the first day of kinder
Over the summer holidays:
  • be positive – talk to your child about what they will do at kindergarten
  • borrow library books about kindergarten to read together
  • encourage your child to dress themselves, so they can manage tasks like taking their jumper on and off
  • visit the kindergarten or travel past it on your route home
  • label all belongings that your child will take to kinder
  • read over the family information the kindergarten provided to ensure everything is prepared
  • talk to your child and establish a goodbye routine together
  • establish a routine for kindergarten mornings, this could include a chart with pictures outlining the different steps for getting ready
  • you can organise holiday play dates with friends or children who will be going to the kindergarten
  • create a routine around sleep, five year old’s need 10 to 12 hours sleep each night, practice sticking to bedtime and wake up schedules in the weeks leading up to the start of kinder.
On the first day of kindergarten:
  • talk to your child about what to expect and when you will pick them up
  • follow the kindergarten’s instructions about what to bring e.g. sun hat, spare clothes
  • prepare the night before, lay out clothing you both agree on and pack their bag together
  • encourage your child to follow your morning routine and remind them of next steps
  • talk to the kindergarten teacher about how you would like to settle your child in e.g. you may want to stay for a while
  • if you are having trouble separating from your child – ask the kindergarten teacher or educators to help you
  • make sure you say goodbye – disappearing quietly can cause greater distress and mistrust.
  • ensure you are on time at the end of the session to pick up your child.
  • be enthusiastic and positive!
  • at the end of the day talk to your child about what happened during the day.

To find out more about enrolments or vacancies in your area contact us by filling out our form, or by calling us on 1800 546 337