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Welcome to Waverley Foothills PreSchool

Our Philosophy

At Waverley Foothills Preschool we wish to acknowledge the people of the Kulin Nations, on whose land our Preschool is situated today. We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present.

Our Values

  • We value the children of Waverley Foothills Preschool as unique individuals who add their own special contribution to the world
  • We value and place importance on ongoing respectful relationships with children and their families
  • We value the community involvement of our families, teachers and wider community in our children’s education and learning
  • We value our commitment to the environment and promoting sustainability

We view children as active participants in their own learning and active explorers of their Preschool environment and community. We believe children should feel a sense of belonging to their environment, and supported to attempt new challenges, build positive relationships and try new experiences.

We aim to provide children with the social, emotional and educational tools in order to become an active and contributing member of their Preschool community and to support them in their educational journey.

We aim to provide a rich and varied program, where the environment is the third teacher. We provide children with equal opportunities to engage in inclusive cultural experiences which cater to each child’s individual’s needs. We refer to the Victorian Early Learning and Development Framework to guide us in our planning and observations.

Waverley Foothills Preschool is a place where children build new friendships, learn life skills and gain knowledge about the world around them. Children do this through listening, sharing, negotiating and communicating their thoughts and feelings to their educators and peers. Children are supported and encouraged to become independent, curious, caring, confident and respectful of themselves, their community and the environment.

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