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Behaviour Analysis

What is Behaviour Analysis?

Music Therapy is about harnessing a motivating activity to encourage engagement and participation in children. 

Because music stimulates and activates many areas of the brain, it can support healthy childhood brain development and encourage functions such as listening, speech development, attention, memory, and even emotional regulation.

Music Therapy can involve the use of musical instruments which can help promote healthy fine and gross motor functions, as well as coordination. 


How Music Therapy can help your child

Music Therapy can address a wide variety of goals. In essence, music is used as a motivator to achieve a non-music related goal.

It can be used to address a range of concerns including:

  • Coordination
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Communication and listening
  • Attention and memory
  • Routine and transitions
  • Emotional regulation

What does it look like in practice?

Music Therapy can occur in individual or group settings. 

We support fine motor strength through playing percussion instruments, we foster communication through  song-singing, and we encourage regulation through movement activities.

We may also support children’s routines by structuring a person’s day through song: for example, songs about dressing ourselves, making ourselves food, or getting ready to leave the house.


How can parents assist with therapy at home?

Parents are encouraged to actively participate in sessions with the Music Therapist, and will then be provided with activities to continue at home to best support their child’s communication, motor, emotional, and sensory goals.

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