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bestchance Child Care Centres

bestchance Child Family Care Network recognises that the path to a child’s success begins at a young age. Our four Child Care Centres, located in Glen WaverleyNoble Park, Armstrong Creek East and the Bass Coast are host to an array of modern purpose built facilities to maximise the children’s learning environment. 

bestchance prides itself in offering a caring and inviting environment for children aged between 6 weeks to 6 years of age, and is committed to making each child feel safe, secure and supported as they explore and learn. We also provide Outside School Hours Care at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Mt. Evelyn.

bestchance early childhood educators provide a play-based curriculum where learning is based on each individual children’s interests.  Children are encouraged to move between the indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring opportunities for both quiet and active play throughout their day. We recognise that warm responsive relationships between children and educators help foster secure attachments, providing children with a secure base from which to explore their surroundings. The learning experiences provided are age appropriate, and encourage children to become engaged and active participants in their environment.  The children’s opinions and ideas are valued and form the bases of all programs, ensuring every child enrolled in one of our child care centres is able to learn and grow in a way tailored for their success.

bestchance celebrates rich multiculturalism through the diversity of our early childhood professionals, who work closely with families to provide a range of different cultural experiences. bestchance always welcomes opportunities to celebrate differences and we actively encourage children to be tolerant, understanding and most importantly, to embrace the cultures within their community. Educators can be heard speaking in a variety of languages throughout each day as they read stories, sing songs to children or exchange information with families. We value insights from parents about their child and work in partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for each and every child.

bestchance understands that the early years of a child’s life are the most formative and influential.  Our educators are provided with regular professional development opportunities to ensure that teams are constantly delivering programs that reflect best practise as agreed upon by the early years sector.

You are welcome to visit either of our services so that we can answer your questions in person.

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