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Our new Childcare Centre opened in January 2018. Situated alongside Bass Valley Primary School, the Children’s Centre is a one-stop shop, providing Long-Day Care, Casual Care, Out-of-School-Hours Care, 4 year old Kindergarten, School Holiday Care and Early Intervention Services.

The centre also provides spaces for the community to gather with a multipurpose space, a children’s library, community kitchen and health and consulting rooms for family healthcare professionals.

Our program offers a holistic approach to learning by providing all children with experiences appropriate to their stage of development to promote positive learning outcomes. Children are supervised by experienced childcare professionals in bright and spacious playrooms. This positive environment encourages constructive learning, imaginative play and the development of social skills. We recognise that the early years of a child’s life are both formative and influential and strive to adhere to the principles of ‘best practice’. This commitment ensures that children, at all times, are cared for in an environment that is safe, stimulating and enriching.

Frigid Napping

We use the concept of Frigid Napping, where the children sleep outdoors when the temperature is between 16 and 30 degrees celsius. It has been found to benefit the immune system so children do not get ill as often. It also enhances their sleep patterns, makes for calmer children and teaches them to sleep with external noises. All the children are taking to this extremely well and we are seeing these benefits.


During kindergarten sessions, we work with children individually and in small groups, encouraging and facilitating play and focusing on helping children to:

  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Improve concentration and conquer new tasks
  • Develop physical abilities
  • Gain independence and self-confidence
  • Interact with other children and adults in positive and appropriate ways
  • Think creatively
  • Solve problems

If you are interested in knowing more about the options for childcare at Bass Valley Children’s Centre, call us on 1300 224 644 or visit us at 60 Corinella Road, Corinella.

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