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Our state-of-the-art Child Care Centre was officially opened in October, 2006 and provides Long Day Care, Baby RoomFour Year Old Kindergartens, Supported PlaygroupsEarly Childhood Intervention and Parent and Child Support services. In 2015 the centre received as assessment and rating result exceeding the National Quality Standards.

The high ceilings, expansive spaces and natural light in our complex create a welcoming atmosphere where children feel instantly at ease and families can come together to learn, be listened to and chat to others with similar interests.

Children are supervised by experienced child care professionals in well equipped, modern playrooms that are both bright and spacious. The generous verandas protect children from the elements and allow outdoor exploration to be enjoyed for the greater part of the year. This positive environment does much to encourage constructive learning, imaginative play and the early development of sound, social skills.

To actively engage children in new learning experiences, our programs evolve fortnightly and are designed to be developmentally appropriate and responsive to the developmental needs and interests of each child.

Importantly, we recognise that the early years of a child’s life are the most formative and influential and strive to adhere to the principles of ‘best practice’. This commitment ensures that children, at all times, are cared for in an environment that is safe, stimulating and enriching.


Our Glen Waverley centre provides four year old kindergarten programs.

Our kindergarten sessions provide an opportunity for children to experience an interesting, fun, evolving and educational program that reflects and welcomes a multicultural community.

During kindergarten sessions, we work with children individually and in small groups, encouraging and facilitating play and focusing on helping children to:

  • develop effective communication skills
  • improve concentration and conquer new tasks
  • develop physical abilities
  • gain independence, self confidence and self-help skills
  • deal with other children and adults in positive and appropriate ways
  • make choices that lead to success
  • think creatively and divergently
  • solve problems

If you are interested in knowing more about options for childcare at bestchance children’s centre, you are most welcome to call us on 8562 5102 or visit us at 583 Ferntree Gully Road, Glen Waverley – any time between 10am – 4pm.

Exceeding Standards

bestchance Children’s Centre has been rated as Exceeding National Quality Standards.

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