Hi, I'm Sonia

“All children are gifted…but they open their presence at different times.

For a holistic approach to children’s education and care in a private natural setting in beautiful Emerald/Monbulk, come to Sonia’s Family Day Care. I am a diploma qualified educator, registered with bestchance Family Day Care.

I have over 14 years experience working with children in my local community. My program encompasses the Early Years Learning Framework and adheres to all current regulations. I have level 2 First Aid, Anaphylaxis and CPR, Certificate III and Diploma in Children’s Services, Asthma Management Qualification, Certificate in Food Handling, annual child restraint check and home safety check. I am fully insured and have a current Working With Children Check and Police Check. I also hold various other qualifications across the health and fitness industry which further enrich my program.

I have a keen interest in finding new ways to engage children of different ages in meaningful play based learning experiences. My philosophy is to enhance the development of the “whole” child with a focus on creating resilient confident individuals with strong connections to mind body spirit and the ever changing world around them.



Today’s nature adventures!

We played outside! We used our strong legs to climb the big hill, it was challenging we stumbled but we got back up and kept climbing. We encouraged each other as we climbed. We got to the top one of our favourite places... we were so excited we ran around. We picked up lots of leaves and compared sizes/lengths/colours. We learnt that the really long leaves come from the big mountain grey gums. We dug in the veggie patch turning the soil and found lots of worms. They were all a little different but each had a place and purpose, they all have a special job to do. We learnt that only healthy soil has worms. We smiled with excitement because we found so many so our soil must be very healthy.

We looked at the potatoes we planted over a week ago, discovered they are starting to poke through the soil and our onions have doubled in length. We started to feel big drops of rain fall on us.... but we never ran away from it instead we stayed a bit longer we danced around and sang in the warm spring breeze and drizzle. We thanked the beautiful trees worms and breeze and big hill for teaching us and helping us grow. We learnt that the mud on our hands helps us grow strong and stay healthy. All Vital lessons you can not learn inside four walls. 🙏🏼👩🏼🌾❤️

Benefits of Family Day Care

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A nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment.

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Individualised learning programs.

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Flexible hours of care, including evenings, before/after school and school holidays.

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Small group sizes means more attention and a stronger bond with your child.

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Early Education excursions and playgroups.

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Parents are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy.


Siblings can be cared for together, regardless of age difference.

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bestchance regularly assesses our Family Day Care educators for ongoing quality control.

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Educators are screened and held to the same ACECQA standards as traditional child care.

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Educators are qualified and undergo regular training.