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Welcome to Wyndham Vale Primary Kindergarten

Our Philosophy

At Wyndham Vale Primary Kindergarten our focus is to encourage the growth and development of every child.

We believe in building strong relationships with the children and families.

We aim to teach the children to be independent, responsible and respectful of each other and the environment.

A play based curriculum is provided to challenge and inspire every child.

We will work on developing children’s social, emotional, thinking, sensory and physical development.

We provide learning experiences suitable for individual children as well as small and large groups. Some are child initiated and others are initiated by the teachers or families. These are developmentally appropriate, child centred and relevant to children’s life experiences.

We provide a curriculum rich in language experiences to encourage children to develop their English language skills while valuing their home language.

  • We acknowledge families as their child’s first teachers
  • We see children as capable and confident learners
  • We value and recognise the broad range of cultural diversity within our community including acknowledging the importance of our ‘First People’
  • We take into account families expectations for their children
  • We strive to work together in genuine partnership with families and carers to provide a dynamic and rich learning environment
  • We believe children learn best in a positive environment where high expectations are planned for them
  • We work within The National and Victorian Frameworks


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