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Welcome to Wyndham Vale Primary Kindergarten

Our Philosophy

As a member of bestchance, the Wyndham Vale Primary School Kindergarten philosophy, practices and behaviours will reflect numerous stakeholders in the Early Childhood industry. These are items such as:

  • The vision, mission, philosophy and values of bestchance
  • The Early Childhood Code of Ethics
  • Human Rights
  • The National Quality Standards
  • Early childhood development and play theories
  • The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework

Specifically, in regards to children and education:

  • We believe that children learn through play.
  • We believe that childhood is a time to be, to seek and to make meaning of the world.
  • We believe an integrated service environment is fundamental to providing best outcomes to children, families, staff and the wider community.
  • We share a commitment to reflective practice and ongoing quality improvement.
  • We believe in providing children with respect, care, equity, real and trusting relationships.
  • We believe that children are individuals, with a wide range of capabilities, interests and knowledge and as such should be treated as individuals and contributors to their own learning.
  • We believe in providing a rich, inquisitive, engaging, natural and interested based play program.
  • We believe in risk taking, but manage these risks appropriately and individually to each child.
  • We believe children develop confidence, independence and positive self-esteem, when they feel supported, secure and respected.
  • We believe in allowing time for blocks of uninterrupted play, allowing children to become fully immersed in their play.
  • We believe in implementing consistent and predictable routines. In this we also provide notice for transitions.
  • We encourage children to develop their independence, however ensuring we are near them to provide support if requested.
  • We encourage children to contribute their ideas and thoughts into the program.

Specifically, in regards to families and our community:

  • We create and deliver a program, in an extended family environment.
  • We believe that the early years are the building blocks for later life.
  • We recognise that children develop in the context of their families and this is the starting point for service delivery.
  • We respect and welcome a child’s and families culture, beliefs and values and portray this in a positive light.
  • We value the relationships that we build and maintain between adults and adults, adults and children and children and peers.
  • We engage in regular conversations with parents/families.

We aim to include valuable information gained from the child’s family, into everyday practice and planning. We then implement these plans with the children, families and educators.



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