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Welcome to Tarneit North Kindergarten

Our Philosophy

Tarneit North Early Years Centre acknowledges the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation as the traditional owners of the land on which we play and learn. We value their knowledge and culture and reflect this in our daily pedagogy and practices. Tarneit North Early Years Centre believe in developing children’s confidence and resilience in an environment which is welcoming, caring, safe and supported. We believe that all children have their own unique sense of identity and individual needs and have the right to self-expression and to make decisions and choices that influence their learning and wellbeing, as such we include the child’s voice in the planning, implementation and reflection of the kindergarten program. We believe that when nurtured and valued children are empowered as capable and competent learners.

Play is essential in the development of children, and we celebrate the abundant learning that comes with it. Play is meaningful when interests interests are acknowledged and children are involved and contribute to decision-making. We embrace children’s ability to explore, create, problem solve, collaborate and imagine when they play. We incorporate intentional teaching and child-led learning into our practice, to allow opportunities for all learning styles and recognise and support special and additional needs.

We believe children learn through collaboration and engagement with peers, adults and interacting with an engaging environment. A rich, stimulating and nurturing environment has the potential to stimulate imagination, promote creativity and enhance curiosity. We aim to provide children with opportunities to practice and consolidate their skills in developmental learning domains including: language and literacy; creative and expressive arts; mathematics; science; physical, social and emotional development and work towards the learning outcomes as expressed in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

We favour the use of natural materials to further complement and enhance the indoor and outdoor learning spaces and we value the environment and adopt sustainable practices to support children’s learning in this area.

The local community within and around Tarneit and greater Wyndham is important to Tarneit Early Years Centre and we work strongly to maintain and establish relationships with many local groups, schools, businesses and community organisations.

We acknowledge families as the child’s first teacher. Families are invited and encouraged to contribute to the program, bringing diverse skills into our learning community and group identity. Our program is inclusive and is based on acceptance of, and respect for, the diversity of each child and their family regardless of ability, gender, race, language, culture or economic status. We embrace and support the forging of connections between the service and families, families with one another, and the friendships that develop to enrich the kindergarten community.

We value and respect staff individuality, knowledge, qualifications and experience and encourage growth and positive team co-operation.  Our educators are positive role models, guiding behaviour by example, and interacting with children in a way that encourages learning as a pleasant and enjoyable experience. By using reflective practices and continually developing our professional knowledge and skills, our educators are able to provide the best possible learning and developmental opportunities for all children.

Our Kinder

Our Grand Opening

The 17th of April was an exciting day for Tarneit North Kindergarten with the official opening of the centre.

Jenny Mikakos, MP Minister for Early Childhood Education, officially opened the ceremonies. The day commemorated the opening of the early childhood learning centre, which will provide care to young children within the City of Wyndham.

Thrilled children explored their new surroundings and the centre that would be home to their learning journey. The day was a joyous celebration and recognition of the love and work that has been poured into the creation of the kindergarten. The future is looking bright, for both Wyndham and bestchance, with exciting plans for the next years quickly enfolding.



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