Chandler Kindergarten

160-162 Bloomfield Road, Keysborough, VIC 3173

Experience play-based learning in an interactive environment at Chandler Kindergarten!

Offering 4 year old Kindergarten programs, Chandler Kindergarten uses interactive play with the support of our wonderful educators. We know that every child is different, and that the best way for children to learn is through ongoing exploration. With our brand new outdoor place space, children engage in natural and creative play. 

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Chandler Kindergarten’s outdoor play space has been designed to encourage children’s exploration and sense of adventure. With a variety of different areas to inspire imaginative interactions, including a magical fairy garden and ‘kitchen’.

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At Chandler Kindergarten, we take the children out into the community on exciting excursions. These excursions are a great way for the children to have new experiences and learn more about themselves, as well as the world around them.

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We celebrate cultures from across the world, using music, movement and song to teach children about different traditions and beliefs. We focus on the cultures of the children in our kindergarten, encouraging them to embrace their cultural identity.

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At Chandler Kindergarten, we are very conscious of keeping our staff and children safe in the sun; therefore we are official participants in the SunSmart program.

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We run a program to help children cope with this exciting and challenging period of change. Children have the opportunity to prepare for the next exciting step in their learning journey, through our partnership with our local primary school.

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Special Delivery

Local girl Raena, in Dandenong has been making masks for the vulnerable in the local area. She has also been sewing small masks for teddy bears for younger local children.

Last week we had 10 delivered to the Kindergarten.  Take  a look at Zachary and Michaella with their teddies and masks. Thank you Raena!

Our Philosophy

  • At Chandler Kindergarten we believe that all children can be successful learners and the most powerful way young children learn is thorough play.
  • Play is active and interactive and within it children develop relationships, experiment, communicate, imagine, create, role play, problem solve, practice and learn together, as they explore familiar and new experiences around them in a safe environment.
  • We believe it takes parents, educators and a community to optimise a child’s full learning potential.
  • It is important to us that all children at this centre are given the opportunity to develop all the foundations that will enable their further learning and to grow in mind, body and spirit and culture.
  • Our educators are committed to ongoing learning and reflective practice and we encourage all children to be active, engaged learners, inquisitive thinkers and support them as they learn to respect and collaborate with others.
  • Our vision is for the kindergarten to develop stronger connections and partnerships with the wider community, supporting families to feel valued, connected and children achieve success in all areas of their learning.

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Registrations for both 3 & 4 year old kindergarten places are managed by Dandenong Council Central Registration Scheme

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