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The Key Building Blocks to Our Early Intervention Approach

Building Blocks Early Childhood Intervention

At bestchance…

Key Worker

Your family will have a main point of contact which we call a Key Worker. We have a range of Early Intervention Allied Health Specialists who work together to provide a complimentary range of Services for you. Your Key Worker will work either directly with you and your other supports or arrange another team member to provide a specialist consultation in order to achieve the best outcomes for your child.


We recognize our children and our families achieve the best outcomes when we are doing what we like most and what supports us to feel good about ourselves. Our team works to develop an understanding of each child so as to develop service options which best support your child’s learning and to achieve your goals.


Family Centred

We understand how important your family is to your child and to influencing change in their development. Family goals and decisions are key to achieving outcomes for your child.


Natural Environments

We provide our services to you and your child in the setting which will help support your child’s goals. This may include visiting your home, community venues, educational settings and here at bestchance.


Family Routines

We work to support your family to develop strategies within your daily routines so as the optimum learning experiences are developed for your child. In addition your child’s goals are embedded into everyday experiences and therapy becomes part of an daily experience.


Capacity Building

Our goal is to enable our families to build on their own strengths to support their child through teaching, coaching and mentoring approaches.