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School History

History of The Cheshire School

The Cheshire School is a program of bestchance.

bestchance Child Family Care was originally established as the Burwood Boys’ Home in 1895.  A school was established at the time, to meet the needs of State Wards in Residential Care, for these children were failing to thrive in mainstream schooling. With the closure of Burwood Boys’ Home, a forward planning process identified the programs that would remain potentially valuable as community-based services. A literature search and community consultation process revealed a clear need for a co-ordinated approach to helping children and families. Further to this, community consultations indicated that schools were often unable to adequately meet the needs of students with challenging behaviours.

The vision of Frank W. Cheshire:  A lasting legacy

Using investments, government grants, and a supportive fundraising program, the Burwood Boys’ Home School became the Frank W. Cheshire Education Centre, registered School Number 1743.  It was established to meet the needs of children who were struggling to perform in a mainstream school setting.  Its founder, Frank W. Cheshire served as a Committee Member of Burwood Boys’ Home for over 30 years, gaining considerable knowledge in the field of community support. Over his life, he continued to work tirelessly to aid struggling children and adolescents. During this time he served for many years as President and led the way to addressing the special needs of children in residential care. His love for children and the energy he gave to their welfare has remained an inspiration.

It was fitting indeed, that when there came an opportunity to rename the school, the name Frank W. Cheshire was chosen. The school was officially re-opened by Frank Cheshire in March 1987. Later in the same year, the school community was greatly saddened by Frank’s passing away. The Cheshire School remains a testimony to his devotion and love of children.

bestchance management

bestchance is managed by a Committee of Management, with the current Chair being Mr Saul Ryan. The Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Feeney, is accountable to the Committee through the Chair. The Cheshire School is managed on a day to day basis by The Cheshire School Principal, who is accountable to the General Manager Education & Training.