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Student Stories and Testimonials

“A very professional training organisation, I consider myself really lucky to have undertaken my Education Support Class through them. I strongly recommend them and anyone considering the courses they offer to check out bestchance training ” –  bestchance Training Student

The class was very good, the trainer Debbie is wonderful and very approachable, I loved everything about the course. Students were also friendly, I am so glad I listened to the support you provided and joined the course” – Cert III Ed Support Wyndham Student.

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Samantha’s Story

Samantha had not worked for 14 years before coming to bestchance Training. She completed her Bachelor of Computing at Monash University and went on to work as a programmer/analyst. After her first son was born, working 7 days a week to finish projects in her promoted position as a Business Analyst and Team Leader was no longer viable. Although she loved the work, when she returned she quickly realized that there was no possibility of maintaining a work life balance, limiting the time she was able to spend with her son.

After the birth of her second son, Samantha was ready to return to work, studying her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. However, it was not long after her completion of the course that she gave birth to her third son. Three children at home kept her very busy until her youngest started primary school.

Suddenly, with time to focus on her career, Samantha was offered the possibility of returning to work. She completed her Certificate III in Education Support at bestchance Training, the flexibility of hours allowing her to further her education whilst caring for her young children. As a bonus, Education support gave her ‘the opportunity to have the school holidays and weekends off,’  allowing her to focus on her offspring whilst they were not in school.

About her time at bestchance, Samantha says  “It was a great experience, I have learnt so much during the course and made so many life long great friends”.

Her first work placement at Glenallen proved to be the perfect fit for Samantha, who enjoyed working with the students and engaging them in their learning and environment. ‘The staff were fabulous and very dedicated,’ which led to Samantha voicing her wish to return to Glenallen in a permanent role upon completion of her course. However, her skill and dedication offered her the opportunity to engage in casual employment with Glenallen, where she hopes to continue working and caring for children.

bestchance wishes Samantha Weerasuriya the best of luck in her future, and with her exciting new career path.  To find out more about bestchance Training courses and upcoming information session dates click here.

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Tracy’s Story

At the recent bestchance graduation ceremony, several students were recognised for exceeding expectations in their pursuit of higher education. One of these was Tracey Markley, who was awarded for her impressive participation in ‘work placement and employment.’ Tracey completed her Certificate III in Education Support through bestchance training.

Previously working in the area of scientific research, Tracey was ready for a change in career. Having already gained some education related qualifications, she was interested in strengthening her expertise in the area whilst hopefully gaining opportunities to work with children with special needs. Her own son had benefited from the support of Integration Aides whilst attending primary school, inspiring Tracey to offer her own assistance to children who needed such support.

Finding the course material to be, “extremely relevant and covering a wide range of areas,” Tracey found bestchance was able to provide her with the support necessary to complete her qualification. She praised the abilities of her teacher who not only, “knew the curriculum well,” but also, “presented it in an engaging and accessible way.” It is the cohesion between staff and students, which is one of the many reasons bestchance trainees believe the courses to be both accessible and satisfying.

The professional placements, which were a requirement of Tracey’s course, were able to provide her with insights into what was expected in the work environment, as well as allowing her to gain invaluable experience in regards to working with children with special needs.

Tracey was enthusiastic in her praise of bestchance training, stating, “My placement supervisor said the Certificate III in Education Support provided by bestchance training was the most comprehensive she had seen. I am extremely grateful to the staff at bestchance for helping me achieve my goals, as I absolutely love my job. I feel like I am making a real contribution to helping kids succeed at school and life.”

bestchance would like to congratulate Tracey Markley on her outstanding achievements. If you would like to apply for bestchance training please contact us on 1300 224 644. bestchance strives to provide excellent education opportunities to members of the community.

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Yumi’s Story

Working with children who suffer from developmental delay at a kindergarten or primary school level had always been a career path that interested Yumi, having had previous experience in the area. Deciding to continue her education appeared to be the best way to achieve employment, thus Yumi enrolled with bestchance Training, studying a dual qualification in Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care, and Certificate III in Education Support.

bestchance’s flexible study load and engaged teacher support offered Yumi the best educational atmosphere, “I found bestchance Training the best institute for me because I was able to study dual courses in Education Support and Early Childhood Education and Care, my friends told me that bestchance has a great reputation with a supportive environment. The training schedule allowed me to still be there for my children at school pickup” said Yumi.

Yumi attended bestchance from 9.30 to 3pm four days a week, completing both qualifications in 6 short months. Her qualifications also required 120 hours of work placement, which Yumi completed with the aid of placement programs through bestchance. Shortly after completion of her Certificates, Yumi was offered a job as a kindergarten assistant, and given the opportunity to work extra hours with a child with autism. The training and qualifications, especially in Education Support, proved to be invaluable in Yumi’s new workplace, giving her the skills necessary to succeed. Yumi is continuing her work at the kindergarten whilst returning to bestchance to gain her Diploma, studying one Saturday a month, allowing her to balance her home, work and study loads.

The Learn Local Education Support Program has received very promised statistics in August last year, with 79% of Learn Local students gaining paid employment upon completion of the program and 10% continuing their studies, whilst the remaining 7% have moved overseas or suffering from illness, preventing them from attaining employment.

bestchance Training, aiming to ensure education is available for all who wish it, is subsidised by a variety of sources, with pre-accredited courses partially funded by ACFE. Courses are also Centrelink approved; applicants may continue to receive payments from Centrelink whilst studying. In addition, Government funding is also available with Victorian Training Guarantee, ensuring that education is provided to individuals who may have not completed their high school education. This also allows access to subsidisation of school fees, providing the highest quality education at the lowest possible prices. For more information contact bestchance Training on 1300 2 AIM HIGH or fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

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Alka’s Story

Alka was a qualified primary school teacher in her home country of India. Upon migrating to Australia, Alka knew she would have to retrain if she wished to pursue a career in working with children. After seeing an advert in the local paper, she contacted bestchance Training and enquired about the Certificate III in Children’s Services. Alka was skeptical at first but was made to feel very welcome and at ease during the enrolment process. She felt that bestchance training was different to other training organisations as the class sizes were small and there was a friendly and supportive student and staff culture.  With extra student support and industry experienced trainers, Alka felt she was in good hands and commenced the two day a week course, allowing her to study at a pace which suited her. As she was also eligible for government funding, this resulted in her paying subsidised course fees.

Within six months, Alka completed her Certificate III in Children’s Services. The skills acquired during classroom training helped her secure employment on a casual contract which then turned into a permanent position.  Once she settled into her new position, she became aware of the upcoming changes to national regulation and made the decision to upskill to the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care at bestchance Training. Although the prospect of going back to study and working was daunting, the bestchance model, which only requires attendance one Saturday a month, suited her and enabled her to work during the week. As she was able to meet the government funding eligibility criteria again, she was able to undertake her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care with heavily subsidised fees.

Alka completed her studies in May 2015 and was overwhelmed with joy when she completed and received a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care at a special graduation ceremony. “It has been a long journey but with the support of my Trainer, it is one which I have truly enjoyed.”

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Shu’s Story

Shu moved away from her home country in Malaysia in search of a better life. Previously she had worked as a Supply Chain Analyst but upon arrival in Australia, she realised she would have to re-train for a new career if she was to find work in a competitive job market.

A friend who was volunteering at a school recommended she contact bestchance Training for courses in Aged Care, Education Support and Childcare. Shu had an interest in working with children and decided to enrol for the Certificate III in Education Support.

Although she was nervous about embarking on a new career, upon arrival at the facilities she was made to feel welcome and at ease when carrying out the enrolment procedure. Shu felt bestchance was different to other training organisations as the class sizes were small and there was a supportive student culture. She was also assessed for eligibility for government funding which resulted in her paying minimal course fees. This helped her immensely as she would have struggled to fund a training course with no income.

After commencing the course Shu grew in confidence and quickly came to enjoy coming to her classes two days a week. Her trainer Peter, a former Principal, used real life examples of working in a school and helped Shu to understand the cultural differences of working in Australia. After six months Shu successfully completed the course and was offered employment as a Teacher Aide at two different primary schools. Although she no longer needs to attend class, her confidence has grown so much so that she now presents to other students at bestchance about her experience with the course.

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  • “My placement supervisor said the Certificate III in Education Support provided by bestchance training was the most comprehensive she had seen… I feel I am making a real contribution to helping kids succeed at school and life”

  • “Before I saw the advertisement I never imagined I could work at a kindergarten….. But bestchance Training gave me that valuable opportunity”

    Raji bestchance Training Student
  • “The course definitely worked for me. The two days a week were perfect as I could continue Nannying around that and placement was included in the course which had been a must on the checklist because there is no better way to learn then actually doing the task. The course covered all the important aspects of the job without drowning it in excess information that wouldn’t actually be part of our day to day work.”

  • I have benefited from this course so much and have gone away from it with so many new skills, experiences and insights. My trainer has been so wonderful and her wealth of knowledge is just fantastic. The facilities and resources are of a high quality and have assisted in helping me learn in a more effective way. This course has made me love children so much more and I would definitely recommend it to people who want to expand their knowledge of children.

  • bestchance training has been a wonderful experience. It prepares you for work as an integration aide and the course it has to offer is very rewarding and sufficient. The work placements are very rewarding and challenging and it prepares you for any work opportunities.

  • The bestchance training course has been a very rewarding and positive experience. I believe it has given me the knowledge and confidence to work with children with special needs. The class was very informative and positive. We had a great group of people and instructor. I will miss our weekly class.

  • The bestchance training course in Education Support offers the opportunities required to learn about working with children with special needs. The course teaches about a variety of situations that may occur in a school and instructs the participants in dealing with these situations