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Recognition of Prior Learning

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Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process that assesses an individual’s formal and
informal learning to determine the extent to which they have achieved the required competency outcomes. It involves collecting evidence and making judgements on whether competence has been achieved. RPL is available to all learners. The RPL Application form is available from bestchance administration.

Credit transfer

We recognise qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by other Registered Training Organisations. A certified copy of a Diploma, Certificate (and associated Statement of Result) or Statement of Attainment must be submitted to administration.
We shall also assess a previously completed course or subject to see if it provides equivalent learning or competency outcomes to those required within the learner’s current program. The Credit Transfer
application form is available from bestchance administration.

Are you a candidate for RPL?

The RPL process may suit you if you have:

  • Work skills and knowledge
  • Paid or unpaid work experience
  • Life experience
  • Formal training or education
  • Community work experience

What are the benefits of formal recognition?

A successful RPL application would mean:

  • Your existing skills and knowledge can be counted towards achieving your qualification
  • You only need to do units which are new and challenging
  • You can use your time more effectively
  • Your planned move into a new job or career may be enhanced
  • You could finish your course sooner

Formal recognition of your skills could help you with:

  • Re-entry to the workplace
  • Job promotion
  • Career change
  • Moving from volunteer work to paid employment
  • Moving on from redundancy or unemployment
  • Improved career development
  • Better planning of future training
  • Entry into a training course

How will you be assessed?

Our assessor will discuss matching your existing skills to the qualification. The assessor will work with you to identify the most appropriate evidence you could provide to show recognition of prior learning.

Example of evidence may include:

  • Clarifying your level of knowledge through an interview or professional conversation
  • Portfolio of work, including completed assessment items from previous study
  • Supplementary assessment tasks or challenge tests, these may be verbal, written or practical
  • Authentication of evidence provided by supervisor or employer
  • Photos of actual work examples
  • Resume and references
  • Certificates and qualifications previously obtained
  • Third party reports
  • Staff / employer assessments
  • Self assessment
  • Observation and questioning including work place visits

For more information regarding RPL or Credit Transfer please contact bestchance on 1300 224 644