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During Term 1 and 2 we went to the school yard to have our physical activities. Miss Jamie introduced a new group game to the children ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’, which is now one of our favourite games. From there and our involvement with counting and number correlation, we noticed the children developing an interest in knowing the time. As part of our Term Plan we introduced numeracy (numbers, colours, shapes, and measuring and comparing). All these elements align with maths concepts in different aspect of our everyday life.

Spontaneous activity Tuesday 20/11/18

“What time is it Miss Maria?”, that was what Mayom asked me that day, as he wants to know what activity is coming next during our session. Suddenly that question was turning to a conversation about the numbers in the big clock and a spontaneous activity in creating clocks with paper plates, clips, tasters and a lot of creativity and imagination. We continued the conversation with “Why is the time important?”

Savannah: “Because we need to be on time…”

Aadya: “Because we need to know what we need to do or when mum is calling us…”

Charlotte: “Because we are waiting for something…”

Mayom: “Because I can ask my mum and dad what time they are coming back… Also when I want to see the time I can check my mum’s mobile. You know what Maria one of my favourite game is “What’s the time Mr. Wolf”.

As the activity was on the numeracy table more children came and joined in asking: “Can I make my clock?”. More conversations about the importance of the position of the numbers started:

Example: The number 12 goes on the top, number 6 is goes on the bottom, number 3 is goes on the right side and number 9 on the left side. Children were great at following the instructions, as they were learning these new concepts.

Take a look at the pictures.

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