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To continue with our learning about insects we showed the children The Very Hungry Caterpillar movie and book. After watching, we talked about what we could remember. Children need both long and short-term memory to succeed in school, personal pursuits, play, social lives and personal lives. Short-term memory, according to Indiana University, allows children to remember things that happen in the recent past such as details from a story read aloud. Long-term memory skills include remembering how to read and the names of friends and family members. Kids also use long-term memory to recall how to do basic movements and processes such as riding a bike and solving a puzzle. Learning language uses both long and short-term memory abilities. The working short-term memory helps children collect information while they are listening and helps them quickly determine where to store the material according to the other items in the long-term memory, according to the National Center for Learning Disabilities. Children develop language using two types of working memory. The verbal type uses sounds to help recall information. Repeating the alphabet while drawing letters is an example of this short-term recall. The second-type of short-term memory uses visual and spatial clues to assist kids in remembering shapes, patterns, images and the sequencing of events. This recall helps children remember sentence construction and word-order to learn language.This type of activity uses both areas of memory, short and long term. Have a look at the pictures and see what they children were able to remember from both the film and the book. We will continue to provide opportunities for further learning of new and existing interests. We will continue with our term goal of providing children with the opportunity to talk about what they see, hear, touch or smell.

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