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When the weather is like this, we move some of our usually done outside activities and bring them inside. Today’s sensory experience was to introduce jelly bath.  The children flocked to the area today and loved experimenting and hypothesising with what the product was, what it felt like.

  • Sofie: it is so cold
  • Hunter: it looks like jam
  • Nyadeng: wet
  • Preksha: I can see glitter
  • Guniwaaz: I can squish it
  • Sophia: it’s slimy
  • Risks: it’s soft

After we let the children have some time to just experiment with the new product, we spoke about how it felt to put through our hands, smooth, rough, hard, soft. I introduced some new descriptive words to the children so that they could use them in response to what they were now feeling.

We will continue to use and expose the children to new descriptive words. We will expose the children to a variety of new or old experiences but increase the conversations being held when they are interacting with them.

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