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Each year across Australia, the CBCA brings children and books together celebrating CBCA Book Week. During this time schools, libraries, booksellers, authors, illustrators and children celebrate Australian children’s literature and you will often see children’s book character parades and talented librarians creating amazing displays.

This week has been fantastic to extend upon the children’s already developing interest of books. They know the front, back and spine of a book (as well as their purposes) and are beginning to understand who the author and illustrators are too.

This week we set up some new areas for Navy Group, based on these developing interests (which is reflected in our wall plan). ‘Were going on a bear hunt’ is a class favourite! So there is now a table set up with picture cues, sequence cards, pencils, scissors, glue and material for the children to work through the sequence of the book, either on their own or with a partner. Some children use the book and cue cards for assistance but some children don’t use these, relying on their memory to create their story board. By having all of these materials available through we are catering for all children’s abilities.

On the other side of this table there is now a puppet show. The book and puppets that were there this week was ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ as this is another classic story that most children are aware of. Again the children are able to adapt their learning and capabilities to this experience too. Some read the story and use the puppets accordingly, others will create their own story using them (but still use the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ names), their imaginations are amazing.

This afternoon (Thursday) we were also treated to a Book Week parade and story time with a few family members. They all waited outside and as the children presented their outfits we all took a guess as to which story book they came from. Some were pretty easy, but as you can see from the photos, not all of them we easy to decipher. After the parade had finished we treated our guests to our physical version of “Were going on a bear hunt” in the outdoor yard. Even without the iPod working we recited our favourite book and took our adventure off in the yard. Thank you to all those who were able to make it this afternoon! It’s always fun for the children to be able to see you in their environment, showcasing just a little bit of what they are doing.

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