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On Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th December 2019, the 4-year-old Preschool children participated in a very special event – an excursion to Nellie Melba Retirement Village, across the road from the Preschool.

Mel, the activities coordinator from Nellie Melba approached the Educators to invite them and the children over to sing some Christmas and Preschool songs to the residents.

The Educators did not hesitate in accepting the invitation, as they felt it would be a wonderful experience for both the children and the residents to share the enjoyment and excitement of Christmas and music.

The children spent some time, leading up to the visit, making a small gift to present to the residents.

It was fabulous to feel the joy and happiness within the room when the children were performing. The residents were singing along and performing the actions to the songs with the children. There was a lot of laughter and smiling from the residents. It was an amazing experience for everyone involved.

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