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Warragul Primary Early Learning Center


Welcome to Warragul Primary Early Learning Center

With construction commencing shortly on the brand new Early Learning Centre (ELC) on the Senior Campus of Warragul Primary School we are pleased to advise that in conjunction with Warragul Primary School we will be providing our funded Kindergarten program from a temporary location.  During construction of the new ELC, the funded Kindergarten program will operate from the Foundation Room building on the Junior School Campus of Warragul Primary School.

During the construction phase of the new Early Learning Centre, children and families will experience a fantastic Kindergarten program, with children to regularly participate in excursions to the construction site to inspect the works. In addition to this, children will also visit some of the Primary School’s learning spaces whilst attending the program, further enhancing their transition to school the following year.

All resources for the Kindergarten program, both indoor and outdoor will transition with the children from the temporary location to the new building once completed.

We look forward to this exciting time at Warragul Primary ELC and anticipate a bright future for this new service that will provide enriching Kindergarten programs for the children and families of Warragul.

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