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Important Dates

2020 term dates

Term 1: 28th January – 27th March

Term 2: 14th April – 26th June

Term 3: 13th July – 18th September

Term 4: 5th October – 18th December


The staff at Barriburn Preschool are passionate about sustainability. Our aim is to make sustainability part of our culture and routine.

Examples of our sustainable practice include:

  • encouraging the children to wash hands appropriately and not waste water
  • using individual hand towels in the bathroom, rather than paper towel or air blowers
  • toilets at Barriburn use rain water to flush
  • fruit peel is collected for the compost bin at snack and lunchtime, this compost is then added to our vegie garden between harvests.
  • we have two large mini wheelie bins inside to mimic the real waste and recycling bins. Children learn about which bin to put items in
  • the majority of our art and craft paper is recycled packaging and paper
  • our garden is watered using rain water
  • lights are switched off when we go outside

We regularly discuss why we do these things and what the benefits to the environment are.

The students are actively involved in:

  • collecting compost and delivering to the large compost bin
  • turning lights off when we go outside
  • making decisions about which bin to put items in
  • choosing vegies to plant
  • watering and caring for the plants
  • harvesting and eating the plants
  • washing hands efficiently, not wasting water

In 2017 Barriburn Preschool won the Whitehorse Sustainability Education award for our education and encouragement of sustainable practices.

We are very proud of all the hard work the WHOLE Barriburn community has contributed towards our sustainable practices. We look forward to continuing and extending our sustainable practices encouraging future energy savers.