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Thank You to our Sponsor

Barriburn Preschool would like to say a huge “Thank you” to Vermont Medical Clinic, who sponsored the kinder’s EpiPen Jr device, which we are required to have
on-site in case of an allergy emergency.

These devices usually cost the kinder $99 every 8-12 months, so we are very grateful to the clinic for providing this device.

Vermont Medical Clinic have recently moved from Mitcham Road, to the Vermont South Medical Centre around the corner from Barriburn (Level 1 645-647 Burwood Highway).

If your family need to visit a Doctor, just head down the road and visit the friendly GPs at the clinic. There is ample parking and a pharmacy on-site to fill any prescriptions you may have.

There is even the JavaScript café next to the clinic if you want to grab a coffee.

Our another custom writing sponsor is company

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