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Welcome to Barriburn Preschool


This philosophy outlines Barriburn Preschool’s values and beliefs about early childhood teaching and learning.

The Community collaborates to achieve common goals, guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Barriburn Preschool has an established reputation in the City of Whitehorse with its huge playground, large established trees, and a friendly, caring and relaxed atmosphere. The Preschool prides itself on being a small and inclusive community, with one group of children in the 4-5 year old group and one group of children in the 3-4 year old group.

Our experienced Staff provide excellent continuity as the children progress. The staff are passionate about – and advocates for – early childhood education. They are committed to ongoing professional learning and work together as a supportive and cohesive team. We provide an environment that is safe and supportive and provides a rich and diverse range of experiences that promote children’s learning and development.

Our play-based learning programs are responsive to each child, are meaningful, and build on their interests, cultures, strengths and knowledge.

Barriburn Preschool promotes warm, trusting and reciprocal relationships, where all members of the community are included and valued. Many backgrounds and cultures are represented at the Preschool; this is highly valued, promotes harmony, and facilitates learning about the world.

The children at Barriburn say

We like the big playground.

I like the Kinder because my brother came here.

I like painting.

I like seeing my friends.

I like it when I’m the Leader.

I like Dancing.

I like our special days for Mums and Dads and Grandparents.

I like excursions!

Friendship Seat!

The Lions Club of South Vermont and The Men’s Shed of Vermont made us a Friendship Seat

If you feel lonely or sad you can sit on the seat and someone will come and sit with you or talk to you or play with you.

friendship seat barriburn

Feeder schools include: Vermont, Livingstone, St James, Weeden Heights, Camelot Rise, Holy Saviour and St Timothy’s Primary Schools

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