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Parent Advisory Group

PAGs act as the voice of families attending kindergarten services, representing their interests in discussions with EYM organisations.  Like school councils, the essential role of a PAG is to enhance children’s educations experiences and outcomes.  It builds community connections and ensures local needs and interests are reflected at the service, strengthening support networks for children and families.

The relationship between the PAG and the EYM organisation is critical to successful delivery of the kindergarten program.  Through close collaboration, both parties work together to deliver improved outcomes for children.

The PAG may undertake fundraising and organise family/community activities, including working bees, to create opportunities for families to build meaningful connections and contribute to their kindergarten community.

All PAGs are slightly different as all communities are slightly different.  If you would like further information about your PAG please speak with your Kindergarten teacher.

Being involved with the PAG can be very rewarding and lots of fun – making friends that can last for many years.