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During Term 3 Pink Group have been participating in a Music Program.  The musical notes of TA and TI TI were introduced.

Pink Group used Tapping sticks to produce the notes and we explored the musical terms PIANO meaning softly and FORTE meaning loud.

Pink Group enjoyed making up songs and tapping the musical notes to these songs.

We also tapped our names developing our phonetically awareness in preparations to reading.

To extend this learning we explored writing the musical notes and created our musical score. Once we had written down the musical notes, we used the tapping sticks to play our song.

Moving along with the learning Pink Group will be learning to play favourite songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star using the musical notes of Ta and Ti Ti.  They will be able to read the notes and play this song.

We will be researching other favourite songs using these notes and introducing other musical instrument for the children to explore. We will also have sheet of music at this station to inspire ideas for their music.

Mary, Kavitha & Kathy

preschool truganina east

preschool truganina east

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