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Welcome to Truganina East Kindergarten

Our Philosophy

In Respect to Children and Education:

  • We value each child’s individuality and learning abilities.
  • We provide programs that meet the abilities, needs, strengths and interest of all children.
  • We encourage, question, mentor, engage and scaffolding learning, to develop each child’s strengths and abilities
  • We encourage children to actively participate in cleaning up after themselves, setting tables, watering plants, and recycling.
  • We look for teachable moments and moments of opportunity to scaffold learning.
  • We will help children at moments of need to complete tasks that they have not yet mastered then stop helping when they can do it on their own.
  • We provide beautiful play spaces to support imaginative play.
  • We provide opportunities throughout the children’s programs for free play, providing a variety of resources and valuable unrushed time for children to use their imaginations.
  • We involve children in looking after and respecting their play spaces and resources.
  • We limit structured/closed end activities such as colouring sheets, and increase the usage of open-ended materials and natural products where possible.
  • We plan routines throughout the children’s day that are predictable and easily followed.
  • We respect children’s play and give them time and space to develop in their own way.
  • We encourage children to be open-minded exploring the multiple cultures that we are so lucky to have within our kindergarten, role-modelling respect for all.
  • We advocate for the right of protection for all children who come into our care.
  • We act as the voice for them and vocalise and share important information with families and relative authorities in order to protect the rights of the child.

In Respect to Families and Community:

  • Family are the first and most important educators in their child’s life.
  • We build strong friendly relationships with each child’s family.
  • We warmly welcome families, including extended families into our kindergarten.
  • We maintain connections to the wider community within our program through, community walks, maternal child and health, cultural community events, connections with local schools and community celebrations.

Developed in 2017 collaboratively with our wonderful staff

Our Photos

The children go on regular walks to the local park where they walk around the new school being built, can ask questions about the building, share stories about when they get to go to the new school and ask about the machinery being used at the school site. They travel past a Dog Park that enables them to further explore, asking questions and learning about dog safety. A day at the park promotes children’s wellbeing and they all enjoy games of Poison ball and Duck, Duck, Goose when they travel out onto the oval.

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