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Water Safety- Paul Sadler Swimland

Today we were very lucky to have some special guests come in and talk to us about Water safety. We discussed the difference between the red and blue taps we might see at home and how it is important to turn on the blue/cold tap first and turn off the red/hot tap first.

We looked at different photos of where we might find water in the environment and how to stay safe near that water. For example at the beach, swim between the yellow and red flags, don’t enter water without an adult, don’t go into water where you can’t see the bottom and don’t jump into help save a friend if they are in trouble, get help and throw them something they could use to stay afloat.

We talked about sun safety and what to wear to protect us in the sun, and lastly how to summon help if you need it when you are in water – we make our hand into a fist and hold it high,, moving it side to side (so people don’t think we are waving) and call HELP really loud. We can also tread water – this is digging with our hands and running our legs.

Please continue this conversation at home with your children. Paul Sadler have provided a show bag for each child which contains 2 free trial swimming lessons for your child. Please consider putting your child into swimming lessons if you haven’t already.

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