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Welcome to Norwood Pre-School

Our Philosophy

  • We provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment, where children can feel happy and confident.
  • Families are encouraged to be involved, feel accepted and have a secure feeling of belonging.
  • The staff respect all children, their individuality, family, cultures and beliefs.
  • The environment is safe and conforms to the Education and Care Services National Regulations and Act.
  • We believe in children’s right to play. Play helps develop skills in all areas of development. We believe this provides a strong foundation which enables children to move onto more formal processes of learning.
  • All children actively participate in a challenging child-centred program.
  • We believe in using an emergent curriculum that is developed from the children’s interests. This is then complemented by teacher-initiated learning.
  • We believe creative open ended experiences provide great opportunities for self-motivated learning and individual learning styles.
  • We believe the indoor and outdoor environment can act as the “third teacher” by being stimulating and aesthetically pleasing. This then generates the children’s interests and learning.
  • We follow the national Early Years Learning Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. (EYLF &VEYLDF)
  • We believe in ongoing training and Professional development of our educators.
  • We have a commitment to continuous improvement through input with educators, families, management and our community.

Our Philosophy or statement of principles is discussed and evolves each year through a subcommittee. The team of staff also provide input after a staff meeting discussion ensuring we develop a collaborative document. This document guides all aspects of the kindergarten and its’ program and helps us to continually improve our service operation.


norwood preschool

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