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preschool oban

Oban Preschool is dedicated to helping your child grow through incorporated educational play. By engaging children in both the world around them and their own personal experiences, the three and four year old preschool programs offered are provided with ample monitored outdoor and indoor play.

Located in Ringwood, Oban Preschool allows your child to expand their knowledge in a fun play-based learning environment. Each child is different, and we believe that understanding and valuing your child’s individual needs will aid in their social and cognitive development.

Our highly professional and dedicated staff ensures your child is able to create, grow, learn, love and explore, drawing on the experiences they encounter at our centre. We help them to comprehend the world around them, whilst allowing them to understand for themselves through immersive learning. Through the formation of trusting relationships with both child and family, Oban Preschool is committed to the nurturing and care of young children.

preschool oban