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Hollins Children’s Centre Parent group recently hosted two cuppa and a chat sessions for parents and carers after the morning ‘drop off’.

Parent Advisory Group (PAG) President Leah Baddock said the aim of the morning cuppa was to build links between the families attending Hollins Children’s Centre Kindergarten.

“It was mentioned by community members that they rush in and say a quick ‘hi’ to other parents but don’t have the chance to get to know each other.”

Community Engagement Officer for the PAG, Liz Roberts said “Many of the families live close to the centre and is was good for people living in the same neighbourhood to have the opportunity to meet and foster a sense of community.”

Over the two sessions, held on a Thursday and Friday morning, more than 18 parents took the opportunity to share in being part of the Hollins community and to forge new local connections in North East Pakenham.

The PAG are grateful to Di Downey, Community Engagement Officer from bestchance, for assisting with the pouring of the cuppas and other support at the sessions and to Cardinia Shire Council for the discounted hire of the Community Room adjacent to the kinder rooms. The PAG plan to investigate continuing the initiative with other sessions in coming terms.