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Ward Ave Kindergarten Community Open Day/Fete

By Tracey Sakkas, PAG President, Ward Ave Kindergarten

On the 25th March this year, we had our second Community Open Day and Fete. It was a resounding success, with everything falling in to place for us (the weather was perfect this year!). We wanted to have something more than just a regular open day, to really entice the community to come out and have a look at our wonderful kindergarten. With the support of Buxton’s in Oakleigh with regard to marketing, we had a huge turnout, and many prospective new families also came along to check us out. We didn’t set out for the day to be profit making, rather we wanted to just cover costs, and be a day in which we could give something back to the community.

We had a number of stalls in which we sold products that were donated by kinder families: a second hand toy and book store, a cake stall (always successful!), an arts and crafts stall with gorgeous goodies all hand made by kinder mums, and we had a produce stall where we sold relishes made with produce from our sustainability garden. We also had a number of raffles on the day, including two big ticket items (all from community donations), and had an auctioneer from Buxton’s come along to auction them off for us at the end of the afternoon! It was lots of fun.

It was important to us that families could come along and spend nothing if they wished, and still get to enjoy our kinder. We provided a free sausage sizzle, free face painting, and a free animal farm which were all successful (the face painting and animal farm was the bulk of costs for the day, the sausages were all donated by our local Woolworths, and was simply just a sausage, bread and sauce). However, we found our generosity brought out the generosity in others, meaning everyone who came spent money raffle tickets, cakes, crafts and relishes. So even though it wasn’t our intention, we did make a profit, which we intend to plough back into our sustainability garden.

We do hope it becomes an annual event for our kindergarten into next year with a new PAG. With so many parents involved, it wasn’t a huge task left to just a few. It is always amazing to see how generous people are when they feel a part of something.