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Welcome to Ward Avenue Kindergarten

Ward Avenue Kindergarten has been meeting the needs of children and families through its Kindergarten program for over 60 years.

kindergarten ward avenue


We believe all children should be treated equally and have the opportunity to participate in a program, which focuses on all areas of development.

We believe each child is a unique individual and that his/her environment will influence the child’s beliefs and attitudes and the type of person she/he will become.

We feel each child should be given the opportunity to experiment and use their own ideas, as part of the program, and for them to do this in their own time and at their own pace.

It is also important that children should be given the opportunity to safely challenge themselves and discover and master their environment.

We believe children should be given the opportunity to work with other children and develop social skills such as co-operation, sharing and respect.

We think it important for children to consider the rights of others and assist others in the development and learning of skills.

We feel it is important that children participate in a program that is non-sexist, non-racist and includes relevant aspects of other cultures.  The program should allow children to learn about everyday life through a wide variety of activities and should enable children to contribute to the program by indicating their interests.

We feel it necessary that the environment children are exposed to is stimulating and interesting and allows them to move freely and safely, yet still enables children to make choices and experiment.  We also feel that the environment should promote independence, autonomy and self-expression, fostering the development of all aspects of self-esteem in children.

To achieve the above, we feel it is important to have adequately developed range of skills, attitudes and knowledge as part of the program.  Therefore, we believe it is necessary for children to:

  • Frequently experience positive feelings and experiences such as confidence, belonging to a group and succeeding in or completing a task
  • Frequently experience social skills such as sharing, co-operating and working with others and communication with others
  • Act in independent and self-reliant ways
  • Acquire and apply general knowledge
  • Develop all areas including health, cognition, personal and social development, and wellbeing.

kindergarten ward avanue

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